Description: 31,500 sf single-artist museum  Owner: Clyfford Still Museum
Architect: Allied Works ArchitectureCM/GC: Saunders Construction Cost: $33,000,000
Status: Completed - November 18, 2011


Romani Group, Inc. was the Owner’s Representative for the Clyfford Still Museum, a privately-funded, non-profit Colorado corporation formed to develop and manage the single-artist museum adjacent to the new Denver Art Museum in downtown Denver, Colorado. The museum houses the entire Clyfford Still estate - approximately 2,600 of the late artist’s creations. The new state-of-the-art museum provides exhibition space, education, storage, and research facilities with a high aspiration of architectural qualities.

The museum contains works of art produced by Clyfford Still throughout his entire career, displaying paintings, drawings, sculptures and personal archives previously unavailable to the general public. No other artist’s work is displayed in the museum. As a gathering place for all people, the museum is a world-class facility that is appropriate to the artist’s work, presents the art in a captivating manner, and fosters a vibrant experience unique to a single-artist museum. Operated at the highest professional standards, the Clyfford Still Museum is recognized as a premier cultural institution both in the City of Denver and within the international art community.


George Messina, Project Executive
Adam Goodwin, Project Manager









We are pleased to partner with the Romani Group as we look to bring the best talent to shape the future home of the Clyfford Still Museum. This world-class museum will be as remarkable as its namesake and we pride ourselves in partnering with the industry’s best.

Dean Sobel

Director of the Clyfford Still Museum

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