Description: 25,000-seat sports / entertainment stadium Team: New York Red Bulls (MLS) Owner: Red Bull Park, LLC Architect: Rossetti Architects Budget: $90,000,000 Status: ICON’s engagement was from project inception in 2004 until AEG’s sale of the team and stadium project to Red Bull in 2007


ICON served as AEG’s Owner’s Representative from early 2004 through late 2007 completing design and preconstruction for a new NY/NJ MetroStars stadium. As the project was finalizing a GMP and preparing to begin construction, AEG formed a partnership with Red Bull resulting in the need to develop a new design scheme. ICON worked through a new budget, design, and preconstruction process, which was also aborted as Red Bull acquired AEG’s partnership rights and moved forward independently with a third design concept. ICON ceased involvement in the project when AEG sold its interests. During ICON’s tenure on the project, however, we managed the $15 million site remediation effort and finished two complete design schemes taking the potential projects to construction ready status.


Tim Romani, Principal-in-Charge
Charlie Thornton, Project Executive


Project Portfolio