Description: 20,000-seat sports / entertainment stadium Team: Real Salt Lake  Owner: Sports Capital Partners (SCP) Architect: Rossetti Architects CM/GC: Turner Construction / Layton Construction Budget: $110,000,000 Status: Completed - October 9, 2008


Real Salt Lake owners SCP Worldwide set an all inclusive budget of $110 million and had a clear desire to set a new gold standard for MLS stadia. The construction budget was set at $77 million and ICON, Rosetti and Layton/Turner went to work to finalize design, sign a GMP contract, and deliver on SCP’s objective. Over the course of construction, the project team was able to accelerate construction and deliver the project earlier than planned without incurring significant cost premiums. The project was completed slightly under budget and Rio Tinto stadium is indeed the new model for exceptional stadium design and great value for the dollars spent.


Tim Romani, Principal-in-Charge
Ron Sally, Contract Implementation
Charlie Thornton, Project Executive
Michael Steele, Project Manager
Elliott Veazey, Project Field Manager
Alex Ortiz, Project Engineer


Rio Tinto Stadium is everything we expected and more. With the help, guidance and unparralled commitment of Charlie Thornton and the continuous on-site presence of Elliott Veazey we were able to deliver a project that exceeded our expectations, was on budget and opened early. Charlie and Elliott embraced our culture and exceeded our expectations. These two members of the ICON team ably supported by their home office staff were key elements of our project's success. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build the next great stadium.

David Kerschner

Senior Vice President, Development, SCP Worldwide (former)

Project Portfolio