A division of CAA Sports, CAA ICON is the world’s-leading owners representative and strategic management consulting firm for public and private sports and entertainment facility owners/operators, professional franchises, and leagues.

With a portfolio of many of the most successful venues throughout the world, CAA ICON’s Venue Development Group provides clients comprehensive facility development services to guide a project from conception through planning, design, construction and opening. CAA ICON’s Strategic Advisory Group provides consulting services to the sports and entertainment industry across a broad range of areas, including market demand analysis; financial feasibility analysis; economic impact analysis; project finance; valuation; negotiations; operations; transaction due diligence; politics; and strategic planning.  

CAA ICON executives have managed the development of home venues for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB MLS, MLL, AFL, CHL, NBDL, DEL and BBL franchises, totaling more than $8 billion. ICON Venue Group was acquired by CAA Sports in 2016.

Our Approach

CAA ICON's approach is to merge the vision our Clients have for their venue with our project delivery expertise and become a unified Owner voice throughout every step of the development. From the moment our Clients decide to activate a new facility project, all the way through final completion and commissioning, We are the strong and consistent advocate Owners need to ensure that their vision and objectives are achieved.

Our Process

CAA ICON is at the center of the constant interaction that occurs between the Owner and all other project stakeholders. The Architect, Contractors, Governing Bodies and Facility Operators will all have critical issues related to their involvement and necessary to serve their roles and responsibilities. Our team actively manages each of those critical issues on a daily basis to make sure that everyone involved in the project is kept fully informed and on task.


CAA ICON possesses the unique perspective that comes from having served in the same capacity as our Clients. As we guide the project from Activate to Complete, we draw from our experience of having made the tough decisions and the appreciation for the enormity and complexity of the issues our Clients are confronting. We do not believe that our services as Owner’s Representative are merely to advise, but rather to engage and deliver.


Core Services Star

There are seven components of our Core Services and each relies upon the success of all those that preceded it.

Activate Plan & Organize Program and Scheme Design Pre-Construct Construct → Complete and Commission