Grand Opening

Placing an entertainment venue into service takes experience and confidence. CAA ICON has both and we refuse to allow a single detail to interfere with a flawless opening event. We know our Clients rely upon us to enjoy a perfect opening and we deliver.

Initiate Building Systems

Turning on the extensive new equipment and intricate controls that operate the building is a massive undertaking. The engineers and builders have been testing and balancing the systems for weeks, but the building operators need to be trained and supported through the commissioning. CAA ICON facilitates the hand over and arranges for all technical backup to get through the opening events and empower the Owner to take the controls.

Optimize Functionality

There is an inevitable period of inefficiency as the transition to the Owner’s operations and maintenance staff unfolds. CAA ICON is there to answer questions and offer suggestions to improve operating competence. Everyone from the Head Building Engineer to the night cleaning crew will be properly trained on the equipment and materials they will be responsible for.

Final Acceptance and Close Out

There is a tendency among the project team to lose focus once the building has opened. Designers and builders are reassigned and they become less interested in tackling those last remaining details on the project. CAA ICON is always there until the last punch list item is checked off and the last subcontract is settled. Our Clients trust us to see to it that their risks are closed and their accounts are final.

Detailed Information

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