Project Controls

CAA ICON has developed the most sophisticated and comprehensive project tracking systems in the industry. Monitoring schedule and budget compliance is an every day responsibility, as is document control. Knowing where the exposures are and resolving them before they become problems is what we do best.

On-Site Owner Activist

At CAA ICON, we live in the trenches of a project. Being an Owner’s Representative is much more than kicking the tires and offering advice from past projects. We are on site and actively identifying problems before they arise and threaten progress. We solve problems in the field as and where they happen. By the time an issue is brought to the Owner, ICON has already mitigated its impact.

Sprint Through the Finish Line

Venue projects are lengthy and challenging. It is human nature to ease up when the end is in sight. CAA ICON’s culture is to finish a project with greater diligence and energy than offered at any time prior. Punch lists need to be attacked and contracts need to be settled. Time is the enemy of successful project closeout. We do not tolerate prolonged punch list efforts and our objective on each project is to have both the Final Completion Certificate and Final Certificate of Occupancy within 90 days following Substantial Completion.

Detailed Information

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