Schematic Design

Let the creative process begin. CAA ICON believes strongly in giving the architect the environment and freedom they need to develop world-class designs. We do not micromanage or throttle the creative process. Our focus through schematic design is to provide the immediate Owner / Operator input needed by the design team and review layouts with an eye on function and operating efficiency. We also track all building size and other cost metrics to confirm budget compliance.

Design Development and Construction Documents

Deadlines and diligence. CAA ICON deploys a culture of energy and accountability throughout the detailed design phases. Plans and specifications need to be finished on time and they need to be complete and accurate. We utilize a detailed checklist to inform and confirm that the drawing list and details required for each milestone are delivered. The architects and engineers are responsible for delivering a complete and coordinated design package and our team is in full collaboration through that process.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)

A building is not complete and ready for purpose until it is furnished and equipped. These are the personal elements that often make the difference in whether a fan has merely a good experience or a great one. CAA ICON takes personal pride in procuring and delivering the FF&E package. Hitting budget on a FF&E buyout, whether it be $4M or $40M, and meeting quality expectations has become a trademark CAA ICON service.

Detailed Information

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