Site Analysis and Infrastructure Planning

It is not uncommon for site and infrastructure costs to account for as much as 40% of a total project budget. However, if properly evaluated, these costs can be substantially reduced and alternative funding sources can be accessed that will protect the project budget. Unknown environmental contaminants, insufficient utilities, poor soil bearing conditions, and buried obstructions are just a few of the conditions that can devastate a project.

Establish Project Budget and Schedule

CAA ICON’s approach to budget and schedule is to be aggressive, but get it right. Projects have two vital resources – time and money – and we are vigilant in managing and preserving both. Our comprehensive project budget template provides a checklist of every possible cost that we have encountered and we use it to make sure each project budget is complete and accurate. Our project management systems are the best in the industry, but controlling a project begins and ends with getting the budget and schedule right at the outset.

Assemble Project Team

Contracts are signed with companies but projects are managed by individuals. Assembling the right project team under the most advantageous terms is likely the single most important success factor on any project. CAA ICON manages the solicitation, selection, and contract negotiations for each critical project team member. Great people make great projects and unfortunately the opposite is also true.

Detailed Information

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