Estimate Cost / Refine Schedule

Pre-construction is essentially the process of building the venue in the minds of the project team and doing so repeatedly until perfect. That simply cannot be done without timely and accurate cost estimates and a fluid schedule analysis. CAA ICON has worked with every major architect and builder in the industry and therefore has extensive knowledge of what the various building components cost and how long they take to deliver and install.

Building Information Model (BIM) Analysis

BIM has become a very important tool in identifying and resolving building conflicts while the drawings are still on the plan table. CAA ICON facilitates the coordination between engineering disciplines and the communication between designers and builders. BIM is a great tool, but it loses all value if performed in a vacuum and we are there to ensure the necessary collaboration.

Value Engineering

Delivering value is the true cornerstone of CAA ICON’s work. Any project manager can deliver a quality project with an unlimited budget but we have proven to be unique in over-delivering in a limited budget environment. We take enormous pride when our Clients and visitors walk through our projects and express amazement over the exceptional features and quality in contrast to the modest cost.


You cannot build without a permit and you cannot obtain a permit without persistence. Our team manages the interface with building department officials and guides the design submittal through the approval process. Permitting is only difficult when it is not managed diligently.

Finalize GMP

The moment of truth. There can be no surprises and no place for finger pointing. Collectively, the project team has a promise to deliver. The GMP contract must be signed stating that the project will be completed for a guaranteed price at or below budget and will be ready for occupancy on opening night.

Detailed Information

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