CAA ICON is organized around three critical and interconnected teams that together ensure that every detail is addressed, every issue is resolved, and every project is successful. We are a team of extremely talented and experienced people devoted to a mutual respect for each other and reverence for our clients. To us, results are all that matter and our clients are our family.

CAA ICON's Oversight team provides each of our clients with accountable project leadership and a commitment of resources needed to properly deliver the project. This is the team that instills confidence and delivers promises.

Our Projects team sets the project culture and provides the daily, hands-on pressure to resolve barriers and advance the project. Our field personnel are simply the best project managers in the industry.

The Operations team provides the logistical support and behind the scenes production relating to project accounting, communications, monthly reports, human resources, RFQ/RFP solicitations, document control, marketing, and travel.